UPDATE: Services Resuming


Sunday - 9AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship, 6pm evening worship | Wednesday - 7PM Prayer Meeting

update: sunday school resuming

(June 18, 2020)

Dear FBC Family,

On Sunday morning, June 21st, we will have a 'soft opening' of Sunday School. At 9 AM, adults will meet in the sanctuary, youth will meet in the youth building, and children will meet in the fellowship hall. The adult Sunday School class will be available to watch on this website or on our Facebook page. If you would like more information about Sunday School or an outline to follow as you watch online, please click here.

We will also resume our Wednesday evening prayer meeting as well as our Wednesday youth and children activities. All activities will begin at 7 PM.

It is our desire to operate in conformity with the recommendations of the CDC. We ask that if you are sick, have been sick, or have been around someone who is sick, that you stay at home and watch our services from the safety of your home.

We are hearing reports that the COVID-19 numbers in Florida are beginning to go up again so we ask that whether you choose to attend or participate from home, that you exercise caution and demonstrate love for others by doing only what is in their best interest by taking measures not to spread a deadly virus.

Love ya,

Pastor Matt

update: Worship Services REsuming

(May 5, 2020)

Dear FBC Family,

I met with Deacons last night. I greatly value their wisdom and am more convinced than ever of their love for the Lord and their church family.

Long story short, we decided to have church this coming Sunday (May 10) with the condition that we comply with local, state, and CDC regulations.

As Florida’s governor has moved us into Phase 1, restaurants can now provide dine-in up to 25% capacity. As a church, if we were to operate at a 25% capacity in our sanctuary (something we are not required to do but desire to do), we could have an attendance of somewhere between 150-160 people. In an unofficial poll we did among our church members yesterday, we believe that we will have an attendance of around 100 or a little more on Sunday. So, we’re well within what we believe to be the parameters as described in Phase 1 openings.

But, we’re going to have some stipulations and practices that we want everyone in attendance to comply with:

1. We will only have a Sunday morning and evening worship service. There will be no Sunday School, nursery, Children’s Church, or anything else. Only the 10 AM and 6 PM worship services. We will not yet open our Wednesday night services.

2. In the sanctuary, we will tape off every other pew. Please sit only in designated pews and practice social distancing. If you are young, please consider climbing the stairs to sit in our balcony so that our older folks can sit downstairs.

3. There will be no choir since that would put too many people in close proximity. Joey, our praise team, and instrumentalists will continue to lead us in worship.

4. If you want to wear a mask, please feel free to do so. We ask that you take the precautions that would make you feel safe.

5. If you are in the age or health demographic that puts you at a greater risk should you get the virus, please stay at home. It is highly doubtful that the Lord would call you to do something that would needlessly put your health at risk.

6. If you are sick, or have been around someone else who is sick, please stay home and watch our livestream. You can eventually join us for worship in the sanctuary.

Finally, I realize that this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. It was discussed in our meeting last night if we would have something to give to Mothers on Sunday. As I have reflected on that, I believe that we should acknowledge our Moms but not give anything out for Mother’s Day this year. I do not want to provide an incentive to get more people into the sanctuary with their Moms (who probably should stay home) and I don’t want those who chose to stay home to feel left out. I hope this makes sense and you understand.

We love you all, First Baptist Family, and we hope you will make the right decision for you (and your family) as we open things up a bit at First Baptist. Let’s keep things safe and enjoy our time of worshipping together, whether we’re in the same room or are watching from our homes.

I love you all!
Pastor Matt