Bible Reading Marathon


Sunday - 9AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship, 6pm evening worship | Wednesday - 7PM Prayer Meeting

At First Baptist Church, we believe that the Bible is God's infallible Word to us. We love it, we study it, and we desire to live by it.

We also realize that reading the Bible aloud has more benefits and is more Scripturally-based than reading it silently (click here for an article by the American Family Association). 

So, we are committed to reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation out loud in our FBC Sanctuary! We need YOU to make this happen, especially if we are to finish it by December 31! We particularly hope that the folks who are still a bit leary about coming back to church at this time will take advantage of this opportunity to spend some time in our Sanctuary, reading God's Word aloud by yourself or with a spouse, family member, or friend.

To keep things organized, we ask that you either sign-up near the FBC Welcome Center or by calling the FBC office at (863) 984-1384 to receive a specific time slot to read. Each time slot is 30 minutes long but you can easily claim more than one. 

Just make sure you read God's Word out loud ... and then mark off the chapters you read in the 3-ring binder on the table in front of the pulpit.

 Let's honor God's Word and watch Him move in a mighty way as we prepare for a new year and our new adventure!