What To Expect


Sunday - 9AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship, 6pm evening worship | Wednesday - 7PM Prayer Meeting

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Welcome to First Baptist Church. We’ve put together some information here that we hope will answer your question. If there is something you would like to know before visiting our church that doesn't appear here, feel free to contact us by clicking here.


Our greeters at the door and Welcome Center and our friendly congregation desire to help you feel relaxed and at home when worshipping with us. But, while we strive for relational comfort, we ultimately strive to maintain biblical truth in our music, sermons, and anything else that happens to be a part of the worship service. It is our desire that you would feel at home but it is even more important to us that you leave much better than when you came as we focus on Jesus and His Word.

style of worship

We live in a moment in history when there are as many styles of worship as there are boxes of cereal in the grocery store. At First Baptist, we really have no interest in getting involved in worship wars. We love many of the old hymns and we love many of the newer songs. The average Sunday morning worship service will have some old and some new. The important thing to us is that each song is in line with Scripture and that it allows the worshipper to lift up their hearts to the Lord.


We love God's Word and expect that each service will include a significant amount of time designated to the preaching of the Bible. Sermons at FBC are expository, meaning that they are based on a text of Scripture and seek to explain and apply the text to real life. It is a common practice for many worshippers at FBC to take notes during each sermon.

Biblical Teaching

We believe that attending a worship service, while beneficial, isn't sufficient for growing in Christlikeness. So we encourage each worshipper to also join a Sunday School class so that they can enjoy studying God's Word with a small group while building meaningful relationships. Our teachers are men and women who love God's Word and enjoy conveying its truth in an interactive environment. Consider exploring which Sunday School class might work best for you by clicking here.